CVA Appropriateness and Feasibility Analysis

Operational Standards

Modality choice is informed by response analysis and feasibility analysis

Key Actions

  1. Ensure participation of different gender groups in CVA design discussions, including those on gender issues and discussions on needs and risks. Engage different gender groups to collect information on the appropriate elements of program design, including timing of activities (e.g. registration, sensitization, and distribution of delivery mechanisms) and location of the activities and services to ensure everyone’s access.
    For SRHR programming : Ensure that the program has been designed to meet SRH in Emergencies (SRHRie) Minimum Commitments for gender and inclusion
  2. Ensure an understanding of social norms (in particular those relating to gender dynamics around household decision-making and cash handling) is reflected upon and utilized in CVA program.
  3. Determine women and men’s financial literacy, debt and credit relations within the community and how engagement with CVA will affect financial inclusion with the help of the Rapid Gender Analysis tool
  4. Based on needs assessment, gender analysis, market assessment, FSP assessment and risk assessment, decide on CVA feasibility. Document your decision to ensure a demonstrable and logical link between the gender-specific needs identified for CVA and activities and results in the program log frame. Design options for hard-to-reach populations or those gender groups with special needs.
  5. Demonstrate that Value for Money (VfM) drivers (cost, speed and efficiency) have informed the analysis
  6. Assess existing social protection systems for use and strengthening during emergency response
  7. Identify additional actions that need to be taken to assure quality control (e.g. additional market monitoring to ensure quality goods in the markets, technical assistance to households, etc.)
  8. If working with partners, ensure that governance norms and accountability between partners is well-defined from the outset of the project