Needs Assessment

Operational Standards 

Age, disability and gender disaggregated information are collected on priority needs, risks and preferences for assistance, across sectors, and over time.

Key Actions

  1. Ensure participation and buy-in from relevant sectors on needs assessment methodologies
  2. Assess the preferred modality of assistance for people affected by the crisis to cover their various needs and ensure participation of different gender groups (if possible, disaggregate preferred methods)
  3. Ask crisis affected women, girls, men and boys how they typically access markets and services and which needs they usually cover through markets. OR update this information if a gender analysis has already been implemented during the preparedness phase.
  4. Assess how crisis affected women, girls, men and boys typically access cash and their current familiarity with digital payments if the context allows it
  5. Analyze the gendered protection risks (e.g. safety and negative coping mechanisms) for all genders and their sub-groups at outset and throughout the program.
  6. Capture needs of women, men, boys and girls in a Minimum Expenditure Basket (MEB) after ensuring that a MEB has not already been defined by one or more clusters at national level