1.1 CI roles and responsibilities for proposal writing

Position Key responsibilities
Assessment team Identify key and critical needs and gaps in line with the CO’s strategy, design initial programme strategy, and prepare initial project concepts and generic proposals.
Proposal Writer Prepare high-quality and timely funding proposals to mobilise sufficient resources for the response.
Programme Coordinator/ACD Programme Coordinate all programme development activities to guarantee the quality of CARE’s response and ensure alignment of proposals (including budget requirements) with the strategy.
Country Director/Team Leader Manage donor relations and negociation (refer also to the Chapter on Funds mobilisation).
Finance Department Prepare, review and approve all budgets prior to submission.
Support units (including logistics and procurement) Provide inputs to the project design and budget in relation to support requirements and costs.
CARE International Members Support the proposal development process including providing guidelines, instructions and advice on donor liaison, helping with drafting, and editing and submission.
Lead Member Provide support to proposal development, approval and donor relations where required.