8.1 Emergency response quick budget checklist


  • What initial relief costs charged to the ERF should be allocated to budgets to reimburse ERF?
  • Can assessment costs be built in?
  • Is the correct level of CARE International Member ICR/ADRET included?
  • Is the correct level of CO programme support and management costs built in?
  • Has the correct exchange rate been used?
  • Does the budget account for price rises that may result from the emergency?
  • Are CARE’s proposed costs realistic and comparable with other agencies?
  • Have sufficient funds been included for:
    • all existing and incoming emergency personnel, salaries and support costs?
    • assessment costs?
    • safety and security equipment and personnel?
    • telecommunications equipment, call charges and personnel?
    • adequate support costs for transportation and warehousing, which may have increased?
    • visibility?
    • finance costs such as audit fees, money handler fees, etc.?
    • monitoring and evaluation? (including AARs or evaluations)

Refer to the Chapter on Finance, section 7 budget preparation guidelines for more information.

Annex 8.12 Donor Budget Formats
Annex 8.13 Generic Budget Formats
Annex 8.14 Sample Budgets