4.1 Rapid-onset assessment process actions and decisions

When Actions and decision questions

  • Determine other responses through contact with the governmental agency responsible for emergency response, UN representatives and other NGOs, and verify the emergency through available news, government, peer agency and field office reports.
  • Do initial reports suggest a significant humanitarian impact?
  • Has there been a request for humanitarian assistance?

If no, continue to desk review for further verification.

If yes to either above, proceed to desk review and simultaneously commence plans for deployment of assessment mission.


0-72 hours
  • Conduct a review of secondary data (preferably previously stored on Minerva) and of all available assessment data.
  • Is the scale of the emergency significant?
  • Are there humanitarian needs that are not being met by authorities and local agencies that are already in place?

If no, continue with monitoring until information is conclusive.

If yes to either of the above, proceed with immediate deployment of the field assessment mission.

24-72 hours
  • Deploy field assessment mission

Use assessment mission findings to inform the decision to respond. Refer to section 7 and Protocol C5 Response decision-making.