1.1 CI roles and responsibilities for funds mobilisation

Position Key responsibilities
Assessment team Provide analysis of the level of humanitarian need, and make recommendations about level and nature of CARE’s response.
Proposal Writer Prepare high-quality and timely funding proposals to mobilise sufficient resources for the response.
Programme Coordinator/ACD Programme Coordinate all programme development and design activities, ensure alignment of proposals with strategy, and support the Country Director or Team Leader with coordination of donor and CARE Member relations.
Country Director/team leader Maintain overall responsibility for setting fundraising targets (in coordination with the CCG), managing emergency strategy and fundraising strategy and donor relations to guarantee the financial viability of the response.
Finance Department Assist with preparing budgets and approve all budgets prior to submission, ensuring that adequate recoveries are included.
CARE International Members Support fund mobilisation through relationships with key donors (institutional, private and public appeals).
Lead Member Provide support to proposal development, approval and donor relations where required.
Emergency Media Coordinator Provide CARE Members with communications materials to use in public appeals and other fundraising activities.
 CEG Prepare funding matrix initially and work with each CMP on level of funding raised (both private and institutional).  Allocate CI ERF funding.