7.1 Proposal formats

Emergency proposals will usually include:

  • background to the disaster and assessment of the humanitarian needs
  • CO’s strategy and background
  • goals, objectives, activities and impact/result indicators of the proposed project
  • how the project will address key cross-cutting issues
  • description of CARE’s capacity and management arrangements
  • risk analysis
  • budget
  • for some proposals, a log frame.

Proposals must follow the format specified by the donor. Most donors will provide formats that include instructions about what should be written at each section. Always consult the relevant CARE Member (or donor representative where there is no relevant CARE Member) for the most recent proposal and budget format, and guidelines. Available emergency proposal formats are included at Annex 8.8 Donor Proposals Formats. Please note that donors may ask for specific annexes: HR Chart, Workplan, …

If no specific donor format is available, a generic proposal format can be used. See Annex 8.9 Generic Proposal Format, and Annex 8.10 Sample Proposals.