9.1 Assessment team logistics and administration support checklist


  • Are transport arrangements confirmed for the entire assessment?
  • What back-up transport options are available in case of emergency?
  • Do transport options have necessary safety equipment, including CARE marking if appropriate? Refer to the Safety and Security Chapter
Communications equipment
  • Has a communications schedule been agreed between the head office and the assessment team?
  • Do all team members have adequate communications equipment and training?
  • Are back-up communications systems available?
  • Are all assessment team members briefed on the process and have phone numbers to call in a crisis?
Accommodation and meals
  • Has accommodation been confirmed for team members?
  • Has the team been provided with sleeping equipment?
  • Have gender-sensitive considerations been made for accommodation?
  • Will meals be available for the team in the disaster area? If potentially no, then has the team been given meal provisions?
Cash and administration
  • Have team members been provided with an appropriate level of cash?
  • Who will manage team expenses and cash handling?
  • Have adequate safety considerations been taken into account to ensure that cash handling does not put the team at risk? (Refer to  the Finance section 4 Cash and cash equivalents control procedures.)
Visas and

travel permissions

  • Do all team members have visas required to enter the country? Are support letters and other forms required?
  • Does the team have all necessary travel permissions and documentation to travel to the disaster-affected areas and any restricted areas along the way?
  • Do the travel permissions cover any vehicles the team will be using?
  • Are all team members-including both national and international staff-covered by insurance before entering the emergency zone?
  • Does notice have to be given the insurance company before deployment to activate the insurance?
  • Is adequate interpreting capacity available to support assessment team members with interviews and data collection?
  • Does the team have access to female interpreters to assist with interviewing women?
  • Have interpreters been trained and tested?
Team and personal equipment
  • Has the team been provided with appropriate:
  • safety equipment including first aid kits, fire extinguishers, maps, telecommunications equipment, identification flags, torch, power bank, etc.?
  • office equipment including laptops, portable printer, business cards, cashbox, paper, etc.?
  • personal equipment and supplies?
  • CARE identification cards, insurance details and important contact details?
  • Refer also to Annex 4.20 Assessment team equipment list.
Security and safety information for the team before their arrival
  • Share the security manual with the team.
  • Give a brief of the security situation on the country and disaster.
  • Present a brief on security-related standard operations procedures (SOPs) for the assessment mission.