4.4 The strategy document

The strategy document itself is an evolving document that will likely be revised several times during the response based on the changing situation, and the increasing availability of information and analysis.

CARE’s emergency strategy format (Annex 7.1) should be used for the strategy throughout the emergency, though the amount of detail written into the strategy may change over time, as below.

Time frame Level of detail Length
Within 48 hours of emergency


Version 1
(also referred to as the Appeal document)

  • initial assessment data including the response of other actors
  • CARE’s decision to respond
  • locations of response
  • potential sectors of intervention and first response activities
  • funding target
  • target of people to be reached
  • time frame typically covers 90 days.
2 pages
Within one week Version 2

  • more detailed assessment data
  • analysis of potential scenarios
  • CARE’s goals, objectives and indicators
  • key sectors, activities, target areas and groups for the relief phase
  • CARE’s approach to key cross-cutting programming, risks and critical issues
  • potential interventions in later phases, including exit or transition
  • budget and resources required
  • time frame typically covers 6-12 months.
5 pages
Within one month Version 3

As for the version 2 strategy, plus:

  • updated, more detailed assessment and analysis
  • specific details of CARE’s emergency relief phase programmes
  • concrete strategies to address key cross-cutting issues and programming approaches
  • clear phasing of activities
  • planned goals, objectives and activities for later phases (rehabilitation and reconstruction), including exit or transition
  • accompanied by detailed operational plan
  • time frame typically covers 1 to 3 years.
5-10 pages plus annexes