5.2 Preparation of IPIA

An IPIA should be signed as soon as possible after signing the donor project contract. For many CARE International Members, this is required before funds will be transferred. Complete the following steps:

  • Request that the CARE International Member prepare a draft IPIA for the project (refer to Annex 10.5 IPIA).
  • Review draft IPIAs received from the CARE International Member. Ensure:
    • the IPIA is consistent with the donor contract
    • the CO can meet the stated requirements, including reporting time frames
    • the payment schedule and associated conditions will ensure the required cash flow throughout the life of the project (unless otherwise agreed)
    • what flexibility the donor and/or CARE International Member allows for variations in the project proposal without prior approval
    • what the processes and time frames are to seek approval from the donor and/or the CARE International Member.
  • Before signing, advise the CARE International Member of any IPIA issues that require clarification or changing, then once these are resolved, arrange for the IPIA to be signed.