4.4 Review of PIFA and IPIA status

Project Implementation Framework Agreements (PIFAs) and Individual Project Implementation Agreements (IPIAs) are the primary contractual documents between the CO and the CARE International Member that govern the CARE-specific conditions of project funding, i.e. within the terms and conditions of the donor contract signed by the CARE International Member. IPIAs are not used in all cases (for example, COs managed by CARE USA do not usually have IPIAs with projects funded by CARE USA), but are a routine requirement for project funding for many CARE International Members. In all cases, IPIAs are strongly recommended to document contractual matters between the CO and the partner CARE International Member. IPIAs are part of the CARE International Code, which states ‘if one of the concerned members expresses a desire for such agreement, the other parties involved are obliged to comply with this request’.

At the proposal development stage:

  • check that a PIFA (refer to Annex 10.4 PIFA) exists between the CO and the relevant CARE International Member. If required, prepare and arrange for signing. (During the emergency preparedness phase, check to ensure that PIFAs are in place with CARE International Members who are likely to receive the funding.)
  • establish in-principle agreement with the CARE International Member agreement on key financial and other contractual parameters that will be included in the IPIA. For example, matching funding, covering of CO costs/shared programme costs not covered by the donor, etc.
  • confirm that the CARE International Member will be able to meet its obligations under the CI Code (Annex 10.7) to ensure cash flow throughout the life of the project.