4.1 Using correct donor formats and guidelines

The CO must be sure to use the correct donor formats and guidelines. Always check with the CARE International Member that the staff drafting the proposal use the most recent and correct donor proposal formats and guidelines.

Information on many donor guidelines can be accessed at the CARE Regulations and Compliance Website http://www.carematrix.org/-check with the CARE International Member that the guidelines are appropriate in an emergency funding context and are up to date.

Review the donor guidelines to ensure that the CO can comply with pre-existing donor terms and conditions, and that these are taken into account when drafting the proposal. For example, the donor might require that all vehicles must be purchased from a manufacturer of a particular country region (such as within the European Union), and the cost of purchasing or operating may be higher as a result and will need to be budgeted for accordingly. Alternatively, a waiver might need to be sought and this would need to be included in the proposal.

Particular care should be taken when dealing with a CARE International Member or donor (or their emergency section) that the CO has not dealt with before or not recently. For example, do not assume common understanding of policies and procedures, or roles and responsibilities.