4.3 Initial appeal and response strategy

Country Offices must prepare and issue an Initial Appeal and Response Strategy (Annex 7.2) to circulate to CARE International Members via CEG as quickly as possible. This will serve as both the first draft of CARE’s emergency response strategy and the first appeal for assistance to be used as the basis for fundraising. For more information on preparing this, see the Strategy chapter. Samples are attached at Annex 7.3 Sample Initial Appeal and Response Strategy.

This Emergency Response strategy document is essential for CARE International Members to begin fundraising. It also helps to ensure that the CO’s programming strategy drives global fundraising efforts so that resources are matched to the highest priority needs. CARE’s programming strategy should not be driven by funding opportunities, but by the humanitarian response service gap.

The strategy should be followed up by generic concept papers and proposals for funding as soon as possible. For more guidelines, see the Proposal writing chapter.