4.3.1 Strategy development key questions

  • What period of time will the strategy cover?
  • What is CARE’s potential role and ‘value added’ within the overall response?
  • What are the short-term and long-term goals of the CARE response actions?
  • How will these goals be achieved?
  • What resources are required (funding, human resources) to accomplish these goals?
  • Does CARE have a presence in the affected geographical area? If yes, what type of programming is currently being implemented?
  • How will CARE switch from the current programming to the emergency response activities?
  • What type of actions would it require?
  • Is CARE going to carry out the activities directly or with partners? Who are the partners?
  • If CARE does not currently have presence in the area, what actions would be required to start the response operations?
  • What potential harm can be done through these activities?
  • How will compliance with CARE’s Humanitarian Accountability Framework (including meeting internationally recognised minimum standards) be ensured?
  • How will CARE communicate the strategy to the target population?
  • How is CARE planning to phase out from the response actions at the end of the emergency?

If CARE’s objective is to provide long-term assistance to the affected population, what type of programmes will CARE implement upon completing the immediate relief operation?