4.2 Coordination arrangements with CARE International Members and donors

Submitting the emergency proposal requires good coordination between the CO, the submitting CARE International Member and the donor within very short time frames. To help coordination:

  • identify key contact people in the CO, CARE International Member and the donor (headquarters and field), and document contact details including out-of-office hours arrangements
  • establish clear arrangements for donor liaison between the CO and CARE International member as to who communicates to the donor about what, when and at what level (headquarters or field). There is a critical need for the CO and CARE International Member to coordinate and share their respective communications with the donor at headquarters and field levels
  • establish coordination arrangements between the CO and CARE International Member for proposal development, including who will complete what parts and who to include on communications. That is, who should be included on all communications regarding the proposal (either as the direct recipient or ‘cc’)
  • agree on a timetable and deadlines for proposal submissions, and allow adequate time and deadlines for internal processes such as providing inputs, reviews and sign-off of the proposal before submitting
  • remind the CARE International Member that they should advise and seek CO approval for all significant changes to the proposal (narrative and budget) before submitting to the donor
  • agree with the CARE International Member on any follow-up with the donor, and/or on preparations in case funding is approved.