10.6 Assessment tools

Tools such as checklists and forms are useful guides for assessment teams.

Checklists help to provide a reminder of what information the assessment team should collect. Checklists can be general or sector-specific. The assessment team should choose checklists that are appropriate to the objectives of the assessment mission. The following are good checklists to use.

Assessment checklists for sectors and cross-cutting issues are also provided at Chapter 8 Sector guidelines, and Chapter 9 Cross-cutting issues.

Annex xx provides a list of tools used for various sectors and different emergency phases.

Please note that CARE WASH in emergencies unit has developed a WASH assessment tool (11-2013): http://water.care2share.wikispaces.net/Emergency+WASH+Training%2C+Tools+and+Resources

Interagency assessment forms are sometimes used in large emergencies. There is no standard global form, as formats are tailored to each specific emergency. They promote common methodologies and facilitate sharing of assessment data. It is always good practice to share assessment data and results with government and peer agencies. For samples see Annex 4.11 Sample interagency forms, and Annex 4.2ECB forms

UN clusters have developed an interagency rapid assessment tool (MIRA). This should be used by CARE.

See Annex 4.21 Interagency Rapid Assessment tool.