1.1 CI roles and responsibilities for contract management

Position Key responsibilities
Project Officer/ Contract management officer

(see section 1.2)


  • Provide donor contract management oversight and support for all emergency projects.
  • Establish and maintain a tracking system for submitted donor proposals and signed donor contracts, as well as Project Implementation Framework Agreement (PIFAs) and Individual Project Implementation Agreements (IPIAs) with CARE members.
  • Establish a system to review project contracts with donors/CARE International Members (including IPIAs) and monitor reporting requirements.
  • Ensure Assistant Country Director-Programme, Programme Coordinator, Assistant Programme Coordinators and Project Managers understand and adhere to relevant project contractual commitments (e.g. procurement guidelines/regulations, key targets, reporting requirements, evaluations/audits)
Project Manager
  • Ensure project is managed in accordance with donor contract
Assistant Country Director-Programme and/or Programme Support
  • Liaise with CARE International Members to obtain up-to-date guidance that is specific to the CARE International Member and donor contract management requirements throughout the project cycle.
  • Ensure that the relevant CO staff is aware of CARE International Member, donor and CO contract management requirements.
CARE International Member Desk Officer


  • Ensure that CO staff has up-to-date contract management guidance specific to the CARE International Member and donor requirements throughout the project cycle.
  • Assist with monitoring of contract compliance.