11.1 Geographic focus

The first step in identifying CARE’s target groups is to identify the geographic focus of CARE’s response strategy. CARE’s strategy must define the geographic focus of CARE’s operations to:

  • coordinate with other agencies to ensure maximum coverage and avoid duplication
  • put in place appropriate operational plans
  • ensure assistance is provided where it is needed most.

When deciding the geographic focus of CARE’s strategy, consider:

Where is the greatest need?

  • What areas have been worst affected?
  • What areas have the greatest identified need?
  • What areas are normally the most vulnerable?

CARE’s capacity: Where can CARE have the greatest impact?

  • Where does CARE already have capacity, including established presence, partners and infrastructure?
  • Where can CARE feasibly launch new operations?
  • Where is there an obligation to the community for CARE to assist?

Coordination: Where is there a lack of assistance?

  • Where are other agencies, including government and local organisations, assessing or responding?
  • What areas are being neglected?