3.4 Detailed assessments & analysis

Sometimes it is necessary to undertake detailed analyses of the shelter situation (which may or may not be a so-called ‘rapid’ assessment). Where needs are overwhelming and it is necessary to carefully target limited resources, where standard shelter interventions are deemed inappropriate or simplistic, in urban areas, and in protracted crises, it can be very helpful to arrange a detailed assessment of the needs, the political, social and economic context they exist in, and the possible interventions. Such assessments can simply be a detailed shelter needs assessments, but can also incorporate market assessments of construction, housing, rental, and labour markets, shelter & gender assessments, or other specific investigations. They will usually include both desk-based research and gathering of primary data.

The shelter team can support the development of the Terms of Reference for a detailed assessment and analysis, and with identifying the right expertise to undertake the assessment.

Examples of detailed assessments include: