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If you have an issue you think you should report, or you are concerned about the behavior of staff member, partner or related personnel, you can report your concern using the following channels:

CARE Line:

You can also report your concert to:

  • your human resources manager
  • your manager or another appropriate manager
  • your Safeguarding / PSHEA-CA Focal Point

Our key principles to reporting:

  • CARE wants to know when wrongful conduct occurs
  • CARE does not tolerate harassment, exploitation, abuse or other forms of wrongful conduct such as fraud.
  • CARE’s hotline, known as “CARE Line”, is among options for CARE staff to report wrongful conduct. Other options include:
    • Office-managed reporting mechanisms (dedicated email address, comment box, phone number, etc)
    • Talking to office leadership
    • Talking to a manager
    • Talking to HR
  • CARE will take appropriate actions to the best of CARE’s abilities to protect persons from retaliation when reports of misconduct are reported in good faith. Reprisals against people for reporting in good faith are a breach of our polices.