Policy at the Global level

CARE International Safeguarding Policy: Protection from Sexual Harassment, Exploitation and Abuse, and Child Abuse (PSEA-CA) (April 15, 2020), is available in French, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic.

CARE International Safeguarding PSHEA-CA policy clearly expresses CARE’s zero-tolerance approach toward sexual harassment, exploitation and abuse, and child abuse. This means that all allegations will be examined and investigated, followed by appropriate disciplinary actions where needed, taking into consideration the rights and interests of the survivor, consistent with CARE’s survivor-centred approach. Any type or form of misconduct, perpetrated by CARE staff, partners or other related personnel, towards anyone, will not be tolerated.

The CARE International Safeguarding Policy outlines the scope of application, CARE’s commitments and responsibilities, and our Safeguarding Code of Conduct, definitions and a brief background overview.