1.3 Coordination

The Global Shelter Cluster is part of the IASC Cluster System. The shelter cluster is co-led by the IFRC and UNHCR. When the shelter cluster is activated at country level, it is led by IFRC in cases of natural disaster or UNHCR in cases of conflict (occasionally other international organisations lead country-level shelter clusters).

The Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) cluster is co-led by IOM (natural disasters) and UNHCR (conflict related displacement). CARE is rarely involved in camp coordination and management, although does provide services in a number of camps around the world.

CARE’s role in the Shelter Cluster

CARE has adopted shelter as one of its core humanitarian specialisms because of the clear humanitarian need. Moreover CARE is one of the few major dual-mandated agencies that counts shelter as one of its core competencies. We play an important role advocating for considered and high quality shelter programmes within international forums including the Global Shelter Cluster. By delivering shelter programmes we not only respond to a huge humanitarian need, but we also aim to increase the take-up and quality of shelter across the humanitarian community.

CARE is a member of the Strategic Advisory Group of the Cluster and leads the Gender & Diversity Community of Practice for the Global Shelter Cluster. For more information contact emergencyshelter@careinternational.org.

If CARE Country Offices would like to strengthen their national shelter clusters or other coordination mechanisms the shelter team can second staff to the cluster teams if funding is in place.