4.1 Frequency of sitreps

The frequency of sitreps will be decided at the outset of the emergency in consultation by the CCG, usually during the first CCG call (refer to Protocol A2 Emergency typology). The frequency of sitreps should also be revised as time progresses, with sitreps commonly being more frequent in the first four weeks of the emergency.

The CO should advise the recipients as mentioned in the paragraph 3. 2.about the agreed frequency and on what days that sitreps can be expected. When the frequency is revised the same recipients should be advised of the new schedule.

The following gives a basic guide to the typical frequency of situation reports:

  • Beginning of a quickly-evolving emergency: daily or once every two days;
  • Emergency and response settle into a more predictable pattern: twice a week (typically Monday and Thursday);
  • Emergency gradually stabilises: once a week, and then once a fortnight;
  • Protracted emergency: once a month.