1.1 Overall CI roles and responsibilities for information management

Position Key responsibilities
Information Management Officer (CO level)
  • Design and implement a structure to manage the information flow and draw a dissemination plan for all information products.
  • Manage and maintain flow of external and internal information.
  • Identify new information data requirements to support operation and provide information management support.
  • Gather and report time critical/information/data.
  • Address information gaps.
  • Coordinate information inputs from other ERT members to guarantee complete and accurate information.
  • Work closely with project managers, partners, M&E focal points to ensure across consistency and accuracy.
  • Ensure communications support (in line with CARE’s HAF/CHS) to CO Focal Point for Programme Quality and Accountability to ensure effective information sharing with communities and local stakeholders.
  • Attend to information requests that can come from different stakeholders (external and internal).
  • Develop and implement an information management strategy.
IT and Telecommunications
  • Guarantee the physical and technical conditions that permit the transfer of timely and fluid information.
Emergency Coordinator
  • Supervise and assure the quality and accuracy of information emerging from the country.
  • Maintain overall responsibility for transparency and information sharing with communities and other local stakeholders in line with CARE’s HAF/CHS.
Country Director
  • Approve information and reporting released by the CO.
CI Emergency Information Coordinator
  • Receive country information (particularly sitreps and alerts) at the level of CARE International as focal point; review and share the information with relevant stakeholders at CI level (e.g. through CI Emergency Information list or to CI – ERWG , CI Fundraisers, COMWG and other interested parties in CARE International).
  • Aggregate quantitative data (e.g. number of responses and people reached, funding information) for a global overview of CI emergency operations for internal and external reporting purposes.
  • Coordinate information between CIMs and the CO in high profile emergencies.
  • Support After Action Review by providing the timeline of the response and other relevant feedback.
  • Monitor progress and inform stakeholders on issues or support requirements.
CI Media and Communications Coordinator
  • Raise awareness of CARE’s emergency responses and ongoing emergencies through all available media channels.
  • Provide support as needed for the production of media and communications materials.
  • In coordination with the Emergency Communications Officer, prepare media materials for their own national market.
CI Member ERWG representative or nominated delegate
  • Responsible for keeping their respective National Director and staff informed about the disaster, and to provide as needed: fundraising, media, staffing, proposal and other support to the CO.