3.1.2 CHS quality criteria and indicators

Each CHS Commitment includes its own set of Performance Indicators, Key Actions and Organisational Responsibilities against which CARE is able to test and demonstrate its compliance.

As a founding member of the CHS Alliance CARE is also committed to contribute to the constant improvement of CHS verification tools and mechanisms. Therefore CARE might decide to adapt any of the CHS quality criteria and particularly the CHS indicators when we deem it appropriate in order to reflect CARE’s specific aspirations especially with regards to gender equality and women’s voice as well as on inclusive governance. In any case, CARE will consider and respect CHS indicators as the minimum standard.

  Commitment Quality Criterion

Communities and people affected by crisis…

1 …receive assistance appropriate and relevant to their needs Humanitarian response is appropriate and relevant
2 …have access to the humanitarian assistance they need at the right time Humanitarian response is effective and timely
3 …are not negatively affected and are more prepared, resilient and less at-risk as a result of humanitarian action Humanitarian response strengthens local capacities and avoids negative effects
4 …know their rights and entitlements, have access to information and participate in decisions that affect them Humanitarian response is based on communication, participation and feedback
5 …have access to safe and responsive mechanisms to handle complaints Complaints are welcomed and addressed
6 …receive coordinated, complementary assistance Humanitarian response is coordinated and complementary
7 … can expect delivery of improved assistance Humanitarian actors continuously learn and improve
8 …receive the assistance they require from competent and well-managed staff and volunteers Staff are supported to do their job effectively, and are treated fairly and equitably
9 …can expect that the organisations assisting them are managing resources effectively, efficiently and ethically Resources are managed and used responsibly for their intended purpose

Refer to the generic CHS Guidance Note and Indicators and CHS self-assessment tool for further details and guidance relating to the monitoring of each Commitment.

In CARE performance of a response against these quality criteria is measured through ongoing monitoring (see M&E chapter), Rapid Accountability Reviews (RAR) and CHS verification processes, as described in the HAF Accountability System section below.  Please also refer to the CHS Scorecard for a snapshot of CARE’s performance against these