6.1 Key CARE international stakeholders and email lists

CARE Emergency Group makes the flow of information easier by providing a forwarding service to key stakeholders. Information for broad distribution such as alerts and sitreps should be sent to the CI Emergency Information Coordinator through

ci-emergencymonitors@careinternational.org who will then redistribute it across CARE to key groups. In large emergencies, CEG establishes a crisis group email list, which provides a single email address that covers all stakeholders involved in the emergency response.

The key stakeholder groups requiring emergency information are:

Lead Member

  • Ensure key line managers, emergency unit and lead member staff receive critical information.
  • Refer to the Lead Member for contact details.

CEG (CARE Emergency Group)

  • Needs comprehensive information for coordination and to inform CI Members, National Directors and the CI Board.
  • ceg@careinternational.org.

Emergency response working group (ERWG)

  • Comprises representatives from all CARE Members’ emergency units responsible for programme and resource mobilisation.
  • erwg@careinternational.org.

Communications working group (COMWG)

  • Comprises representatives from all CARE Members’ communications departments, and supports media, advocacy and fundraising efforts.
  • comwg@careinternational.org.