5.2 Establish internal information flows and communications tools

Some simple protocols on information flows and the use of communications tools can help.

The Country Director and all other key emergency response team members need to copy the IMO on all reports and critical information.

The IMO should:

  • Be proactive about facilitating information flow;
  • Take verbal or phone reports from staff unable to input to reports;
  • Write and share meeting records;
  • Create an internal emergency information email list of staff involved in the response (when possible);
  • Establish a generic email address so that email addresses can remain consistent even if staff turnover is high (e.g. 2016 EarthquakeIM@care.org);
  • Ensure that key reports, sitreps, etc. are shared internally with the CO staff as well as with CARE International;
  • Ensure functional units are using and continually updating tracking tools, and that these are being shared with the IMO regularly, including:
  • Establish a centralised filing system;
  • Make use of available information management tools such as intranets, Minerva, Communicate relevant information to external humanitarian coordination mechanism (Gov., UN, Cluster reporting mechanism, INGO consortium etc.);