6.3 Information the Country Office should request from CI Members

The CO should also expect to receive critical information from CI Members to support the response. The CO should specifically request this information through CEG/ ERWG if it is not forthcoming. This includes:

  • Potential funding possibilities from the CARE Member’s primary institutional donors including likely amount of funding and eligible programmes (key sectors, etc.), proposal and funding time frames, and donor contract information in the field (refer also to Chapters 7, 8 and 10), including signed Individual Project Implementing Agreement (IPIA) and related fund transfer;
    • Staffing information, including potential candidates for positions, availability and arrival information for staff being deployed (refer to Chapter 21);
    • Interviews conducted with international media;
    • Advocacy and other briefing requests.

The IMO with the support of CEG can help to receive and compile this information, and ensure that the relevant staff in the CO (for example, proposal writer, and human resources manager) receives it.

The CI Members should ensure they streamline information management requests, by:

  • Ensuring they nominate a focal point in the CARE Member to help distribute information internally;
  • Checking sitreps and other available reports for information before sending additional requests to CEG or the CO;
  • Directing requests to CEG or the CO IMO;
  • Coordinating requests internally so that the CO does not receive multiple requests.

See also Chapter 2 CARE International Member operational support guidelines.