10.2 Peer agencies and Humanitarian Information Centres (HICs)

It is critical that CARE exchanges information with other NGOs, UN agencies and donors so that CARE is well informed about other activities, and so that other agencies are informed about CARE’s response. Some reports, such as assessment reports, may need to be edited for external distribution.

The IMO should:

  • Regularly review information on key websites, such as the Humanitarian Information Centre website;
  • Submit summaries of CARE’s response activities to coordinating agencies such as OCHA and the HIC;
  • Complete interagency coordination matrices wherever requested;
  • Share public versions of CARE’s assessment reports whenever appropriate with peer agencies and the HIC;
  • Ensure the IMO is on key email distribution lists for information sharing (for example, NGO coordination groups, UN agency and sector email lists, HIC);
  • Where there is a HIC office established, collect key information resources made available to NGOs (for example, guidelines, briefing papers, maps)

Share the Gender in brief /rapid gender analysis as soon as possible.