4.2 Writing the sitrep

The sitrep is drafted by the IMO, reviewed and cleared by the Emergency Coordinator, and authorised by the Country Director. Where there is no IMO, usually the Emergency Coordinator or Assistant Country Director/Programme  prepares the sitrep although other roles (such as the Media or Communications Office) can also undertake this task. However, in any large emergency, the Country Director and ACD P will be quickly overwhelmed and an IMO must be in place as soon as possible. The responsibility of preparing the sitrep should be allocated to an ERT member as early as possible.

The sitrep should include up-to-date, accurate and specific data about the humanitarian situation, and about CARE’s response. It is particularly important that the sitrep provides details of CARE’s response and of the actual relief delivered to beneficiaries.  It should be concise and straight to the point. Please also ensure to highlight how the response is addressing gender and the specific needs of men, women, girls and boys.

The sitrep should follow the CARE Situation Report Format (Annex 42.4). See also Annex 42.5 Situation Report Writing Guidelines, and Annex 42.6 Sample Situation Report.