5.1 Internal information management needs

The IMO needs to receive and help facilitate the flow of all of the following internal information needs at the CO level.
Type of information Who has it Who needs it
Before the emergency strike, EPP and early warning information ERT or field staff, assessment team, or Government , in-country Humanitarian coordination systems communication or specialised early warning systems Lead Member, CI CEG, using the alert form or heads –up communication
Humanitarian situation,

Impact of the disaster

Assessment team

Field staff, in-country humanitarian coordination mechanisms, cluster meetings, Government communications, media etc.

All senior managers

Programme coordinators

Proposal writers

Details of critical decisions about CARE’s response Country Director, senior managers Emergency response team
Details of CARE’s activities including distribution figures Field staff All senior managers

Programme coordinators

Funding and budgets available for the response Programme coordinator

Contracts officer or proposal writer, grant management team

All senior managers

Finance unit

Supplies required for the emergency response Emergency Coordinator

Programme Coordinator

Field staff

Procurement team

Logistics team

Status of supplies procured (procurement pipelined) Procurement team Programme and field staff


Planned movement of supplies Logistics team Programme team and field staff
Staff required for the emergency Emergency Coordinator and senior managers Human resources unit
Arrival of incoming staff Human resources Unit requesting staff


Safety and Security Officer

Expenditure Finance Unit Programme managers
Monitoring and evaluation results M&E staff All senior managers