9. Security of CARE infrastructure and assets

The safety and security officer should advise on the set up of emergency operations to ensure the security of CARE’s infrastructure and assets. This includes:

  • Facilities site selection, location and safety and security management
    • Refer to the CARE International Personal Safety and Security Handbook, p. 186, and Standard operating procedures (SOP#5 of the CARE International Safety and Security Management Plan Guide and Template (coming soon) for CARE’s minimum criteria when selecting and outfitting offices or residences. Location, perimeter, parking, access control, etc. must be inspected and adequate for staff safety.
  • Cash management
    • Consider cash storage, management, transfers and distribution; and implement measures to reduce exposure to theft (see both section 3.10 and Cash Management, p. 41, of the CARE International Safety and Security Management Plan Guide).
  • Vehicle management
    • Drivers of CARE vehicles must hold proper authorisation, licence and training. All vehicles must have proper registration documentation, be regularly inspected/maintained and maintain minimum safety equipment. In coordination with the fleet manager, track movements on movement boards and log these for each vehicle (refer to p. 32-57 of the CARE International Personal Safety and Security Handbook).