7.2 Security strategies

There are three strategies we use to manage security risks. We generally employ a mix of strategies based on the context and the threats we are concerned about. The strategies used in a particular location are determined by the Country Office or Implementing Presence, in collaboration with the Lead Member.

Community Acceptance

Attempts to remove security threats or have other actors control threats on your behalf by getting their consent and support for CARE’s activities. Acceptance is founded on good and open relationships with beneficiaries, local authorities, and other stakeholders in the area of operations. In addition to addressing existing and potential threats to protect CARE staff, acceptance from other stakeholders will also make is easier for CARE to access beneficiaries and undertake program activities.


The use of protective measures, procedures and devices to reduce vulnerability. These measures create a barrier between us and the threat.


Reducing the risk by containing the threat with a credible counter-threat.