1.1 CI roles and responsibilities for safety and security management

Position Key responsibilities
Safety and Security Coordinating Group
  • Ensures coordination between Lead Members, CARE Member Partners and relevant stakeholders
  • Harmonizes approaches across CARE International
The CARE International Member, Affiliate or Candidate
  • Is accountable and responsible to ensure compliance with the CARE International Safety and Security Standards
  • Members hold the legal responsibility for duty of care for their employees and respective Country Offices and therefore decision-making responsibilities reside here.
  • Directly supports Implementing Presences and temporary presence missions
  • Manages crisis events, including kidnappings and evacuations
The CARE International Country Office or Implementing Presence
  • Has overall responsibility on safety and security matters, including conducting safety & security risk assessments, ensuring staff are trained, briefed, receive adequate equipment and support, respond to safety & security incidents and ensure they are reported.
  • The Country/National Director is the final decision-making authority (in consultation with the CI Member), including disciplinary action when security lapses occur.
Safety and Security Focal Point (SSFP)
  • Is responsible for implementing all safety and security policies at field level together with the Emergency Safety and Security Officer
  • Ensures all staff are adequately briefed and familiar with security plans, and manages any incident reporting
Emergency Team Leader
  • Ensures security considerations are addressed in all emergency operations including planning, implementing a security plan before deployment to the field, adequate resourcing and managing the team’s safety
Emergency Team Safety and Security Officer (SSO)
  • Is part of the emergency team and reports to the team leader, but works closely with the CO’s safety and security focal point
  • Works to adapt or develop security plans for the emergency, and coordinates team briefings and operations.
Emergency Response Team
  • All emergency response team members have an obligation to follow CARE safety and security policy and procedures.