6.1 Information gathering and sharing

Information gathering and analysis is aimed at understanding the risks and threats that CARE may confront in the completion of its mission. Transparency and common sense are paramount when undertaking such analysis, because CARE’s sole objective is to ensure it is in a position to intervene safely in a given environment. It should not suggest that CARE is involved in intelligence gathering or activities not directly linked with its mandate.

Tools for information gathering and sharing

  • open sources (academic and professional studies, specialised web sources, local and international media)
  • networking with other humanitarian agencies, local authorities, UN agencies, non-state actors, experts, representatives of the civil society, beneficiaries, etc.
  • direct observation
  • focus group discussions.

Communicating and sharing information with the CARE team

  • Information sharing and consulting with other team members/Lead Member about main security concerns should be continuous throughout the assessment and operations.

All information related to security (security guidelines, procedures, evacuations procedures, decisions, use of telecommunications equipment and communication procedures) has to be managed and easily accessible to all persons concerned.