6.3 Feedback and complaint mechanism

Beneficiaries should have at least two channels for giving feedback, depending on what communication options exist in a given location.  Options can include:

  • Information stations staffed by both women and men, with separate areas for women and men at the distribution site, if possible;
  • Feedback boxes at each distribution site;
  • A phone number (via WhatsApp/phone calls) for beneficiaries to contact;
  • IMO/Viber contact information


Use of the feedback mechanisms should be clearly outlined through informational materials provided before and during distribution and through pre-distribution community meetings. Measures should be taken to ensure that all beneficiaries are aware of and understand feedback and complaint mechanisms, know how to submit a report, and can give feedback freely, without fear of retribution. All language, reading, seeing, and reasoning barriers should be accounted for and addressed.


All feedback should be collected by the partner M&E Team and channeled to the most appropriate department. Ensure that the partner M&E team is staffed by women, to accommodate gender sensitivity needs. For extended cash distributions, information on feedback received and resolved will be provided to the CARE MEAL team through monthly reporting.


Serious complaints (such as sexual abuse, child abuse, fraud, and/or corruption) must be shared immediately with CARE program managers.


Each program manager must monitor:

  1. Type of complaint, feedback, and/or question received;
  2. When it was received;
  3. Was the complaint, feedback or question acknowledged;
  4. Current status of the complaint (closed, in progress, etc.).


Complaints are tagged by organization, sector, project, location, etc., for efficient routing and processing, and are then categorized according to:

  1. Outside of scope;
  2. Ideas for future consideration;
  3. Request for information;
  4. Programmatic complaint- urgent;
  5. Women SEA / harassed complaint – urgent
  6. Breach of code of conduct-immediately pulled out of the system and referred to the Deputy Director who resolves according to policies.


Different job functions and their duties:

  • Complaint manager: oversees project management and operations;
  • Complaint registrar: manages complaint processing;
  • Technical focal point: manages complaint resolution;
  • Deputy director: manages operational leadership;
  • The country director manages commitment and accountability.