1. Role of human resource management in an emergency

Emergencies often result in the need to mobilise or recruit significant numbers of extra personnel. Human resource (HR) management is a critical function in emergencies to ensure that CARE has sufficient capacity to respond to the emergency. Lessons learned demonstrate that the success of the response operation strongly depends on having the right staff at the right time, and having the adequate human resource management capacities, policies and support.

Position Key responsibilities
CO Human Resource Manager Coordinate mobilisation and recruitment of personnel at the CO level, and develop and implement HR policy and processes.
Country Director Maintain approval authority for appointment of personnel and HR policies.
Lead Member HR Unit Maintain primary support role to CO in recruiting international staff and provide guidance to CO on HR policy and processes.
CI Surge Capacity Coordinator Coordinate human resource mobilisation for emergencies at CARE International level.

Refer also to Protocol D3 Emergency personnel mobilisation .

The role of the Human Resources (HR) Manager in an emergency is to:

  • participate in operational planning to help identify staffing needs for the response
  • recruit or mobilise international staff with the right mix of experience, skills and knowledge
  • manage large-scale national staff recruitment
  • support the safety and well-being of emergency staff, given the increased risks of an emergency environment
  • implement HR policy and systems to meet operational requirements and local laws.

Not all COs will have an existing Human Resources Manager or focal point on staff. In a large emergency, it is essential that there is at least one dedicated Human Resources Manager in the team, and a specific Emergency HR Manager may need to be appointed. In a very large emergency, additional HR support staff will also be required. Remote assistance and advice can also be sought from the CI Surge Capacity Coordinator.

Annex 21.1        CI_RED terms of reference-Country Office human resources management and administration (in-country)
Annex 21.2        Country Office HR Manager job description sample 1
Annex 21.3        Country Office HR Manager job description sample
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