6.3 Malpractice

Any evidence of malpractice, such as breach of codes of conduct or financial malpractice, should be acted on by all staff who become aware of it. Suggested procedures are:

  • Evidence of malpractice detected by CARE staff should be documented and presented to a specified senior staff (e.g. a programme manager or coordinator).
  • The senior staff should discuss the issue with the team handling the partner, then issue a request for clarification to the partner, giving one week to reply.
  • Depending on the type of malpractice, this notice might also order a freeze on partner spending and disbursements to the partner.
  • A team appointed by the senior staff then makes an investigation and submits a report on findings within seven days-the result is also circulated to the partner.
  • A follow-up plan is agreed and progress is monitored until the issue is resolved. For cases of serious malpractice, including fraud, contracts are terminated.