4.5 Close-out

Each CO may have its own close-out procedures. Make sure to check this with your CO and Lead Member. In general, the following tasks are part of closing out a partnership agreement:

Close out Checklist

  • Consider requesting (no)-cost extension if the burn rate is low
  • Verify all project activities have been completed
  • Consider donating project assets to partner (refer to donor guidelines)
  • Review and approve final financial and narrative reports
  • Conduct partnership survey evaluation
  • Transfer remaining funds/balance
  • Archive final records and project documents
  • Invite partner to the After Action Review (AAR)
  • Recognise and celebrate achievements of the project
  • Send close-out letter to partner
  • Consider new project with the same partner

Closing out a partnership agreement is a phased process. Identify in an early stage the key activities to ensure there will be a smooth close-out. Closing out a partnership agreement is not the same as closing out the collaboration. If the cooperation was mutually satisfactory, the partnership can continue through a framework agreement (non-project based), or by starting a new partnership agreement for another project.

Annex 12.19 – Award Close-Out Checklist CARE Ethiopia