4.4.2 Monitoring the partnership

Monitoring the partnership itself is as important as monitoring program activities. If there are challenges in partnering together, this should be identified and addressed. If issues between the parties are not addressed adequately, this may become an obstacle for responding effectively during an emergency.

Continuous monitoring of the partnership relation therefore is critical. CARE should be open to receiving feedback and complaints and a systematic process needs to be in place to facilitate this and track performance. Some recommendations that could help to monitor and evaluate the partnership itself include:

  • Make time during face to face program meetings with the partner to discuss the partner cooperation and ways to improve this
  • Appoint 1 focal person within your office (usually the partnership advisor or someone who is not the budget holder of the grant) to function as an “ombudsman” and who hears and investigates feedback and complaints in the interest of the partners.
  • Conduct a partnership review/survey (during implementation and after close-out) to understand better and act upon feedback from the partners.

Annex 12.16 – Partnership Survey CARE DK

Annex 12.17 – Partnership Scorecard CARE Jordan

Annex 12.18 – The Partnership Enhancement Tool