4.1.4 Eligibility criteria

  1. Proven track record in emergencies: partner has experience working in emergencies
  2. Proven track record in core sectors: partner has expertise in CARE’s core sectors (sectors of your response strategy)
  3. Geographical coverage: partner has presence in CARE’s target areas
  4. Institutional capacity: partner has adequate policies,  procedures and systems in place to support the work of the organisation
  5. Finance & compliance: partner has adequate control mechanisms in place to ensure sound financial management and minimise financial risks
  6. Scalability: the partner has a balanced portfolio size; it has the ability to absorb more funding in a short time but at the same time is not being overfunded by donors
  7. Reputation: partner has a good reputation and is well accepted in the communities and areas of operation
  8. Relations with authorities: partner is seen as a legitimate party – and has good relations with the authorities
  9. Compatible values & principles: partner has compatible beliefs, values and principles to CARE
  10. Humanitarian principles: partner is neutral, independent and impartial and is guided by the humanitarian principles
  11. Partner diversity: the group of CARE’s partners should be a cross section of society, reflecting ethnic as well as possible partisan affiliations

Annex 12.2 – Example Eligibility Criteria Rating Tool

Good practise would be to agree upon criteria prior to publishing a call for partners. The eligibility criteria should be documented and agreed upon by the selection committee.