4.1.2 Meeting donor requirements

It is essential to consider donor rules on partner selection and contracting. These should be stated in donor agreements and guidelines-the contract manager or member representative can advise. They can also help to contact the donor for confirmation-often a good idea, as it can help to clarify how flexible rules are. Also seek approval from donors on plans to partner, as not all donors will approve this.

Most COs have sub-granting procedures in place. The selection process during an emergency should always be in line with these procedures as well as with donor regulations. Where possible, these procedures should be simplified and relaxed during an emergency in order to save time.

Partners are usually selected through a competitive bidding process. Occasionally however, they might be appointed (sole-sourced) if there is a good justification to do so. The checklist below lists the standard steps in the selection process.

 Selection process Checklist

  • Develop eligibility criteria
  • Publish a “call for partners”, or approach potential partners directly and invite them to apply
  • Short-list applicants by scoring against eligibility criteria
  • Visit potential partners and do a quick-organizational capacity assessment
  • Conduct reference checks
  • Pre-select best partner(s)
  • Conduct due diligence assessment (to establish risk rating); only with pre-selected partners
  • Conduct Bridger check
  • Convene selection committee and make final decision
  • Document selection process and justify decisions