1.4.2 Partnership management functions in an emergency response team

Managing partnerships  involves a number of CO staff including:

  • Country Director
  • ACD and programme coordinators
  • Partnership focal points (if they exist)
  • Project and field staff
  • Finance, procurement and audit staff
  • Safety & Security managers

While many staff members may be involved, it is critically important that clear roles and responsibilities be defined for establishing and managing the partnership, for communicating with the partner agency, for authorising decisions and for resolving disputes. A good model involves appointing a single, appropriately senior field-based staff member as the focal point for all dealings with the partner, backed up by a senior management team for higher-level issues, such as building the strategic nature of partnerships and resolving issues that have escalated.

. However, in partnered or joint emergency responses, it is very valuable (if not essential) to have a senior staff member dedicated to partner liaison. A sample job description for a Partnerships Coordinator is available at Annex 12.1.