1.4.1. Roles and Responsibilities for partnerships (outside of emergencies)

Position Key responsibilities
National or field-based partnership focal point Main focal point for liaison with partners on all routine programme and operational matters. Should be appointed for each project/ project partner (often, this is the  programme manager)

Programme coordination team (ACD programme, programme coordinators)


Selection of partners, establishment of partnership (incl. joint programme design and planning, negotiation, contracting), nurturing and monitoring the partnership, oversight of implementation of joint programme, joint learning


Finance and support staff


Assist with operational aspects of partner selection, contracting, financial management and compliance, logistics, procurement and audit

Safety and Security staff

Country Director and senior management team

Involved in risk analysis and support partner security management

Oversight of CO partnership policy and procedures, strategic identification of partners and nurturing relationships, high representation and if needed, dispute resolution.

CI Humanitarian Partnership Coordinator Provision of remote support on partnering in emergencies, CARE-wide lead on ‘localizing aid’, CARE-wide monitoring and reporting against Charter for Change commitments and  respect of Partnership Principles; coordination of CARE-wide learning on joint/partnered responses.