1.3 What do the guidelines cover?

These guidelines focus on the different types of collaboration outlined above, from contract-based to more equitable partnerships. Contract-based relationships are often referred to as ‘sub-contracting’ or ‘subgranting’ and consist of contracting out local agencies to implement relief activities as part of a time-bound project. ). While this has been the default ‘partnering’ model for CARE in many contexts, the organization is intent on shifting the balance away from subgranting towards more equal partnerships.  These guidelines are helpful for all types of partnerships described above,
In particular, these guidelines offer inputs on whether, why and how to develop and manage partnerships with local actors in  emergency response. They should be read by all staff working in emergency programmes. Although targeted at programme staff – who must be aware of a wide range of programmatic, operational and financial issues – they are also very relevant to support staff. Refer to section 8 for a list of additional partnership resources.