5.6 Global information e-mail lists

List name Members Information shared Facilitator
ci-emergencyinformation@careinternational.org § CI-PublicInfo e-mail list § CI-COMWG e-mail list§ Emergency staff (ERWG, CEG, ESIG etc.) § Any CARE staff who wants to join § Emergency info i.e.: ·  Sitreps·  Strategies·  Maps·  Funding updates·  Communications materials (stories, photos, press releases etc.) CEG Emergency Officer
ci-publicinfo@careinternational.org § CI-COMWG e-mail list§ Any CARE staff who wants to join (Suggested: all fundraising, donor relations staff) § All publicly cleared info, i.e.: ·  press releases·  human interest stories·  photos and videos·  CARE briefings, reports·  web features·  talking points, Q&As CI Communications Unit
ci-comwg@careinternational.org § Media/ communications staff § Web staff § PR staff § Working group to share ideas, plans, discuss strategies etc. § Plan COMWG meetings and conference calls CI Communications Unit




§ CI member senior media staff only



Country Office Communications Staff only


§ Limited group to share confidential or internal information on sensitive situations and crises, including Q&As, communications strategies



§ Limited group to share ideas or useful information on country office communications



CI Communications Unit