3.2. Protocol for Hiring Photographers in Emergencies

In order to contract a professional photographer (and possibly videographer) as quickly as possible after it is clear that fast onset emergency will receive significant media coverage, the responsibility to do so is shared between three CARE members geographically as follows:

Region Office-in-Charge
Asia and the Pacific CARE Australia
Middle East and Africa CARE International UK
Latin America and the Caribbean CARE USA

The initial judgement on whether to contract a photographer will be made by the Office-in-Charge of contract. If the initial decision is not to hire a photographer, this decision will revisited if necessary based on input from CEG and other CARE members.

A joint list of trusted photographers ranked by preference for each region or country is/will be established and made available to all of these offices. Once a photographer is contracted, the CEG Media and Communications Coordinator (or deployed Emergency Communications Officer) will have primary responsibility for following up, providing the photographer with guidance and ensuring timely delivery in accordance with the TOR and CARE guidelines, but sharing this responsibility as appropriate in line with the Follow-the-Sun protocol for emergency communication (see section 1.3 above).