3.1 Go Kit for Emergency Communications Officer

The Emergency Communications Officer should be deployed with this equipment from their own office. Clarify this when arranging deployment. Upon arrival in the CO, the Emergency Communications Officer should acquire a local mobile phone (prepaid or with sufficient credit); this will save enormously on international calls and provide an additional number to be reached on.


  • Make sure the Emergency Communications Officer is equipped with a Go Kit to before deployment.
  • Upon arrival in the CO, the CO should provide the Emergency Communications Officer with a local mobile phone.

Checklist: Emergency Communications Officer Go Kit requirements 

  • Laptop computer and charger (a car charger cable is also recommended)
  • Web cam and headset  (for Skype calls and Skype video calls)
  • Printer and printer paper, basic stationary supplies (only necessary if responding in a location where CARE does not already have an office and supplies are likely unavailable)
  • Plug adapter and converter
  • Camera (4 megapixels minimum), extra batteries, charger, memory cards (2GB minimum).
  • Video camera or a camera that can also shoot video. Extra batteries, charger, memory cards.
  • Flash drives (memory stick)
  • Business cards
  • International cell phone and charger (a car charger cable is also recommended)
  • Satellite phone, depending on the location
  • CARE visibility materials including CARE T-shirts and caps, large CARE stickers (for cars and trucks) and CARE flags (for food/NFI distribution points, warehouses, temporary office)
  • Flashlight/torch, mosquito net, bed sheet etc. depending on location