Example page 1.1

Wiki vs Pages 

  • Wiki = face of the site
  • Pages = skeleton of the site
    • if you are going into Pages, you are changing something fundamental; think of it as surgery.
    • no reason to enter Pages unless changing titles/links, making structural changes or deleting/adding new pages

Here we will learn how to change the page title and restructure it to go first.

Checklist for changing page titles/restructuring 

  1. Copy the original link of the page you are changing and paste it in a document, to use later.
  2. Change the title in Wiki and amend the permalink accordingly
    • if restructuring, change page order or parent page
  3. Change the title in Pages and amend the permalink accordingly. Publish the changes
      • if restructuring, change page order or parent page
  4. View the new page and copy the new link. Now you should have 2 links – the old one from step 1 and the current one from step 4.
  5. Go into ”Toolkit Options” and then ”Redirects”.
  6. Paste the old link on the left and new link on the right. WRITE DOWN THE REASON for redirecting these links so that it is traceable.
  7. Voila! You have changed or restructured page titles.