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Launch of CARE Emergency Pocketbook!


and other updated emergency response tools

Dear colleagues,

I am pleased to share new and updated resources available to help you manage emergency responses.

Last year we launched the CARE Emergency Toolkit (CET) to provide a one-stop-shop for emergency preparedness and response guidelines and tools. This year we have updated, translated and synthesized the Toolkit and can now share with you:

  • The CARE Emergency Pocketbook: a small hard copy summary of CARE's key emergency policies and tools to help you in an emergency (English version available now, French and Spanish available in November). PDF attached.
  • French and Spanish versions of the CARE Emergency Toolkit website:

  • New and improved protocols and tools: based on your feedback we've simplified the protocols and tools. New versions of the following are on the CET website - start using them now:
      • Basic guide to emergency response
      • Key protocols (roles and responsibilities, emergency type, alerts, capacity assessment and decision making)
      • Emergency alert format and emergency sitrep format
      • CI Emergency Response Fund Guidelines
      • Emergency strategy format and operational plan format
      • New rapid gender analysis tool
      • New distribution chapter
      • Updated quality and accountability, information management, media chapters
      • And loads more!
  • Updated CET User guides: a 4 page brochure explaining how to use the CET and login details. PDF attached.
  • New CDs: New CET CDs allow you to use the CET offline. The CD includes the Pocketbook, English, French and Spanish sites, and a search function (for distribution in November).  

What you should do next:

  • Look for your pocketbooks and CET user guides in the mail or delivered by your friendly CI/CEG representative. Every CO and CARE member will receive an allocation. Orders for additional copies can be placed by contacting
  • Make sure you and your staff know about these resources and how to use them- especially the new websites for French and Spanish speaking staff.
  • Start using the new tools in your preparedness and response work.

We hope you find these resources useful and we welcome any feedback.

Note re Arabic- see for CET chapter translations. Pocketbook not yet translated- pending budget availability.

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